Jacksepticeye Imagines

Jacksepticeye Imagines

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bowtiesimpala67 By bowtiesimpala67 Updated Dec 31, 2015

Today wasn't your day at all. You had recently just got fired from your job. Could it get any worse?  You thought to yourself. 
You were currently in  your car crying,  I'd been 20 minutes since you were fired. 

You looked in the mirror and noticed all your make-up was smeared. You go ahead and decided to clean yourself up before going into the store to gather a few things. After cleaning and fixing your mascara, you head into the store.

Immediately, you head towards the frozen food aisle. Any girl would automatically know where the ice cream was. Strolling through down the aisle of ice cream, you noticed a man, short one for a  fact, but you kept looking at the tubs. Finally, you find your favorite ice cream flavor.

You start to head up to the cash register. Paying for the tub of ice cream,chocolate, and cookies,  you head out side the store. As you head towards your car, you trip over a crack in the parking lot, spilling the items in the bag. "God dammit." You sigh to yourself. "L...

OLlVlA OLlVlA May 31, 2016
Attack on Titan is one of my favorites, but my favorite anime is Black Butler! XD
Fangirl975 Fangirl975 Feb 24, 2016
When the story said 'I'd love to' I thought he had said 'I love you' and I was like he is being very forward!
exhilarin exhilarin Mar 08, 2016
Did the ice cream container crack? Is that why it melted all over the bag
CelesticShadow CelesticShadow Aug 13, 2016
You know whats sad i have a crush on someone like that right now so im just sitting here reading this to satisfy my fluffy needs
hazelexplosion hazelexplosion Aug 15, 2016
Should have gone home or ate the  ice cream straight away. Ice cream is the most important thing
Keira357 Keira357 Jan 04
Roses are red 
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              Let me just say 
                              THAT ESCALATED PRETTY QUICKLY