The Prince's Prince (BoyXBoy)

The Prince's Prince (BoyXBoy)

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All Prince Edward wanted was friends that didn't obey his every command, his parents, (the king and queen) to notice him, and to be his own man, (or boy). And he does get that, well for a short while.

Prince Edward meets Jack, (or Jacan), a small common boy raised by his ma and pa. Prince Edward runs to him every chance he gets and you can't really blame the boy. Jack hasn't got a clue as to who Edward is, which excites him. He tries to soak up as much time with the little boy and he does so, until one night.

After that night, Edward is forced to grow up and become the next king. He isn't allowed to wander off and play whenever he feels like it and he surely cannot hang out with the small boy he has grown accustomed to.

So, years later, Edward is grown up and hasn't seen his new/old friend for years.

Until now.

This is a BxB story! If you don't like it please don't read!

All pictures and videos belong to their original owner unless I say otherwise! The characters are mine and I have written this whole story so please contact me for any requests! Thanks!

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Heeyyyyy mines kinda like that toooooo
                              minus the phones but
I shall not read.
                              Because one simply is re-reading this magnificent book.
                              I simply had to seek it out in order to enjoy it once more.
SkyAndLoki SkyAndLoki Jan 16
Is it weird that I’m re-reading this book cause I love it so much?
- - Mar 10, 2017
I luv boyxboy relationships even though I am a straight girl
cinnamonssmile cinnamonssmile Aug 04, 2017
AaaaaAAH, I'm actually super hyped to start reading this story! The desciption got my attention in less then two seconds. There I go! (Expect loads of comments. Oops.)
- - Aug 24, 2016
I like this book and I would vote but Wattpad won't let me since I have voted to much😂😂