Hard Life

Hard Life

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Clove Raine By doodles14 Updated Dec 18, 2017

You know Leo? Yeah, Leo Valdez. You know about his foster life? And his tough foster homes? Well they might be a little more than just tough. Some unbearable. But this is multiple stories about about Leo. And his not-so-easy life.

A one shot book of different sad parts of Leo's past, all ideas from my very own brain.

i wrote these a while ago, if you read the first few chapters and you're not satisfied or think it's trash, i get it. 

maybe try reading ahead to the 8th chapter or something because those are the better ones i think.

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Mistyymoon Mistyymoon May 24, 2017
No. Tía Callida was Hera, Aunt Rosa is who you are looking at.
Potterjackson30 Potterjackson30 Nov 27, 2017
This fireman is brainless. It's obvious something bad is going to happen
jgatf2 jgatf2 Jan 11, 2017
DAM! great start to the story! now if you'll excuse me i just need to release my tears. It might take a while!
TeamLeoMember TeamLeoMember Feb 04, 2017
Awwww, it's not ur fault, leo! Don't blame the poor boy after this.....):
fuzzypotatoes101 fuzzypotatoes101 Feb 19, 2017
Pierce_The_Samii Pierce_The_Samii Sep 29, 2015
This is really good your really good at writing 
                              Its sad but very well written and thought out.