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In His Eyes (a jeff the killer love story)

In His Eyes (a jeff the killer love story)

29.1K Reads 1K Votes 13 Part Story
Just a Day Dream By Innocent-Dreamer Completed

Taylor was just a normal girl who lived with a mom and a sister. she was the bad girl in school, the kind that always did stuff just for attention or for fun. Taylor read creepypasta stuff but didn't think they were real.

Jeff was a mass killer who had no love in his life and only killed people. he lived in the creepypasta mansion with the other proxies. 

2 Different people who don't know each other until one fateful night!!!

Will Jeff and Taylor learn to believe and love one another or will their lives come between them!?

bbabyhazzza bbabyhazzza Mar 07, 2016
What the freak Jeff u don't just walk in someone house and steal a person WTF 
                              LOL !!!!,😁😁😁😁
smith010 smith010 May 21, 2016
I am offended I am fab and u can't find a person who loves creepy pasters more than I do in miles
SuperMegaSum SuperMegaSum Jun 26, 2016
                              AT LEAST IT TELLS YA STRAIGHT OUT, UNLIKE THE PUSSYS (Pussies?!?) THAT DO NOT! 
Cheesecake-Overload Cheesecake-Overload May 02, 2016
Sorry but am I the only one who thought that it all happened to fast. No hate but it didn't give me enough time to process it all
- - Apr 02, 2016
Me: What's yours, is still yours, Jeff. *hands over Taylor* Take good care of her!
                              Jeff: ...
                              Taylor: Stop giving me to him! Don't you know his a killer?!
                              Me: Yep! I know him! 😋
                              Taylor and Jeff: ...
1dorkypanda 1dorkypanda Jul 08, 2016
What a nice way to ask out a girl lol *giggles* I luv it ❤️