Aarmau: Uh... Oops.

Aarmau: Uh... Oops.

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Ivy By IvyMooreChild Completed

Aphmau and Aaron, two best friends, two very different people. But what happens when they are thrust headfirst into a very... awkward situation.

I take no credit for the wonderful art I use.

Cover changed because I know the other one was bad.

                              But when they fell asleep on each other, I be like, "Niiiceee..." -3-
WAIT AARON DIES WHYYYYYYY 😭😱😨😰😢😥😪😓😦😯😥😢😵😭😭😭😭😭😭
I just got over his death....back to R.I.P. Aaron videos it is...😭😭😭
I love how you managed to perfectly end this with the title.
Let's see him rip his shirt off in the restaurant and start twerking.
She should just run. By the time he would have figured out why he woke up she would be on the otherwise of the world