The Nerd He Never Forgot (Avengers / IronMan Fanfic)

The Nerd He Never Forgot (Avengers / IronMan Fanfic)

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Incronic_Is_Meep By Silver_Sweets Updated Oct 24

"Pssst! Do you have a pencil? I threw mine at Alex." Tony whispered to the girl sitting next to him, who also quite hates him.  She wore her hair in pigtails and had braces. She also wore plaid, she was you stereo typical nerd.

"Tony shut up. Your supposed to be smart. So find a solution!" She said, her name is Samantha. 


Samantha was a smart girl, mostly known as the nerd. Tony and her had a class along time ago. But he would never forget that nerd.

The one he hadn't realized was stronger than even him. 

The nerd he didn't forget.

I imagine tony just showing up and her just like "NOPENOPENOPENOPENOOOPE." and then she walks away with both hands in the air like this is it. I quit.
puppy0dog0face puppy0dog0face Nov 26, 2015
Two things that were mostly misspelled in this chapter were minutes (you spelled it minuets) and private (you spelled it privaet) 
                              This is just helpful criticism