Dricki: The Bodyguard *EDITING*

Dricki: The Bodyguard *EDITING*

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Nicki's father --Santini -- is the kingpin of the east coast and life in New York gets hectic when someone decides they'd like her father's head for dinner, no matter who they have to hurt in the process. So, in steps Graham -- a man who feels like he is indebted to Nicki's father and vows to keep her safe under any circumstances. The problem is, Nicki's attitude and smart mouth clashes with his neurotic personality and she finds her young heart falling for him. 

Will her father's sins cause her a world of pain or will Graham be the man to save her from it all?

***Disclaimer: Some inner thoughts are not italicized and there are some grammatical errors due to copying and pasting from my blog, autocorrect and editing. I apologize in advance and will make an effort to minimize the errors. At some point in my life, this book will be fully edited and plots will be more clear.***

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tharealexotic tharealexotic Sep 23, 2016
Graham you got a mouth on ya bring it down a few notches broski
Durkio_World Durkio_World Mar 09, 2016
She was sooo beautiful in her pageantd love the video pretty hurts
Durkio_World Durkio_World Mar 09, 2016
I will fight her v.v talking bout my baby smh change the subject cxcx
Durkio_World Durkio_World Mar 09, 2016
Why this remind me of new new from atl father was a thug but now he had riches she had to live wealthy but all she ever wanted was to be ghetto poor little new new
                              And I get it to if you from LA your familiar with south central aka Wattz 
                              Love that ghetto ass place man
- - May 02, 2016
I was reading this on blogspot or something I think. Is this an up dated and hopefully more complete version?
FijiGlazin FijiGlazin Jan 19, 2017
Yessss this reminds me of The Coldest Winter Ever. I love it