The King Wanting His Queen

The King Wanting His Queen

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Jess By Jeshap Updated Apr 24, 2017

Elena Russo has never lived a normal life like most. To her normal was having a constant bodyguard and not being able to indulge much on life at home. Money had seemed to be endless and she was happy in the only life she ever knew. Elena was the eldest girl of three in her family.

Her father Antonio Russo was a Mafia boss for the Russo crime family that started with her great grandfather in Italy before migrating to Miami. The last few years was rough on Antonio and he had to make some big decisions to save his family. Unfortunately the only fix he had involved his eldest daughter.

Lorenzo Moretti was the only child and heir to his father Michael Moretti. He was the prince to the Moretti crime family and knew it wouldn't be long before he would be king. Once Lorenzo was old enough to retain all that was taught to him Michael began grooming him to take over the family.

Life as Elena knew it was about to change, whether it was good or bad was yet to be seen...

Could hatred and resentment turn into love and admiration...

This story will contain violence, mature subjects, strong language and mature scenes.

This will also be a bit slow going at first so I could see how it does because this is my first original story.
 The plot, characters and everything you read in this story is first and foremost a fictional story that is the work of my imagination. I own everything in my story please don't copy my work. Copyright 2015

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_nancya _nancya Sep 18, 2017
I seriously can't remember how many times I've read this book over and over. It's so GOOD! 
                               All magia/gang books are all basically the same or cliche.
donnekahey donnekahey Sep 25, 2017
Lorenzoe seems like a jerk so far towards his 'wife'! #cheater
tricia_077 tricia_077 Apr 24, 2017
Probably because you are Lorenzo😒, but I might change my perspective of you ☝. You never know
dutchlatingirl dutchlatingirl Jul 28, 2017
Heyy me is back, reading your book all over again for the second time because i love so much. You go writer-san!!!
iceboogie1996 iceboogie1996 Mar 29, 2016
He's an axx so hope you have him work for it before shes gave in and hope she made her dad realize what he has put her in
mollyheart56 mollyheart56 Jul 09, 2016
I saw that this is in 3rd person pov and was wondering if maybe you could do a couple chapters in 1st person? But then again it's just me