Hired for Honesty

Hired for Honesty

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Have you ever heard of being hired because you were honest? Well, this is a first! 

Emma: a proud, sarcastic but honest girl who gets hired because she was honest. 

Nicholas: a typical player and son of one of the richest billionaires in the world. He is arrogant, strict  and has an ego as large as the earth.

What do you get when you join two terrible combinations together? Is it the beginning of catastrophy or would they discover something while working together? What can possibly bring this two together or more like tear them apart?

This is not like your regular boss and personal assistant love! This is more about making the right choice in life!

----------short preview of the book----------

"I am Emma Cadan, your new personal assistant." I exclaim. 

"Uhmmm....I can't remember hiring you!" he says sternly with a subtle hint of humour. 

"Oh...my bad!!! I was hired by your dad today and it's a pleasure meeting you!" I extend my hand politely. 

He looks at me with pure disgust and says "You better quit while you still have the chance because you aren't fit to be my p.a. I promise to make your miserable life a living hell if you don't quit! Besides that I don't shake the hands of a low life and someone who isn't my type, worth my time and would never be up to my level."

How dare him! Such an asshole or more like a son of a bitch! He needs to be reprimanded! "I never said I wanted to be in your level. FYI, I am not one of your sluts. Don't even think for a milli second that I am scared of your threat! Even a baby would laugh about it!" I challenge him.

------------end of little preview-------

Read the book if you want to find out more! It contains a lot of swear words! Please dont read the book if u hate swear words because there are quite a few in the book! Please vote, share, read, love, follow, comment and most important, have fun while reading! Adios mis amigos ♡♥♡;-)

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PriyankaTheSmurfette PriyankaTheSmurfette Sep 03, 2017
I don't really like that name too. Something about the way it sounds. Same goes for names that starts with 'Nar...' or 'Nir...'
                              This only happens to me with the names start with the letter N.
Gavi_1 Gavi_1 Mar 23, 2017
What's in a name? Isn't a rose still a rose & smells just as sweet? Not exactly like Shakespeare.  😉
Ilovefiji_2004 Ilovefiji_2004 May 10, 2017
Sorry but by "poor people "  are you talking about everyday people like me because I am not rich but I'm not poor either . You can have everything but the best things in life can't be brought .. Like a family , best friends , friends
BiancaEvans2 BiancaEvans2 Jan 23, 2017
I think I have read this before, but I am reading it again any way. As I remember enjoying it.
timnyams timnyams Apr 08, 2016
                              seht gutGeschichte  :)
                              from the less privileged x loool
DiCEYROB DiCEYROB Jan 05, 2015
Its almost always like that!!! I'm in that same category smh! Lol dangggg Emma.