Axon, Inc. [SAMPLE]

Axon, Inc. [SAMPLE]

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Jeff Lilly By JeffLilly Updated Nov 07, 2015

In the near future, a small company struggles to keep control of its extremely disruptive proprietary technology: telepathic computing. 

Based on my own experiences in the modern tech industry, intermixed with characters and themes inspired by Norse mythology. 

Axon, Inc. explores a probable future that is just a few years away, but almost unimaginable. It’s an odd thing, but science fiction authors have almost never included telepathic computers in their stories. Human telepaths, sure, and telepathic aliens — but not telepathic computers. Perhaps we intuitively feel that they’re just impossible, unbelievable. Yet they’re very possible, and extremely useful. (It may be that in one hundred years, the fact that there are no telepathic computers in Star Trek will look even more ludicrous than their dictionary-sized tricorders.) But they’re also extremely dangerous, as I hope Axon, Inc. will show.

This sample is of the first five scenes (first chapter) of the novel.

The remainder is currently in the final stages of revision. For updates on its publication and availability, check out

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