Not On Fire (Phan AU)

Not On Fire (Phan AU)

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lyssa By ctrling Updated Feb 22

Dan Howell is not on fire . . .

Dan doesn't do friends. He hangs out with Louise because it makes his parents happy, sets fires in his free time to keep his anger at bay, tries his best to go unnoticed, and dreams of the day when he'll go off to college in a completely different state with new people. Phil Lester, the new guy with a police officer for a father, is definitely not, in any way, a part of his plan. 

But Louise has a different plan for him, one with befriending Phil Lester at the top of Things He Absolutely Must Do, despite how he feels about the situation. And every single time he turns around, it seems she has a new idea to help the budding friendship.

Now, Dan's struggling to please Louise and his parents, maintain good grades that will get him into a good college, and find time to do the one thing that actually calms him down. 

So maybe being an arsonist in high school wasn't one of his better ideas. 

. . . but everything around him is.

When I first saw the description thingy I thought of oh no! By Marina And The Diamonds DON'T DO LOVE, DON'T DO FRIENDS
*looks up def of pyromatic because i'm stupid* I've just had the realization I might be pyromatic
I hope he is doing this at night it can be hard not to get caught during the day
My swing is on fire and I smell gas on my hands
                              This is not what I had planned
                              This is not what I had planned
_PanicAtThePityParty _PanicAtThePityParty Dec 08, 2016
                              This is amazing. No pun intended. 
                              Like mckkdakfkodoskskfjdkxk yessssss.
*In Tyler Joseph's voice* Temperature is droppin, temperature is droppin. I'm not sure if I can *pause* see this ever stoppin