Vampires Will Never Hurt You (Frerard)

Vampires Will Never Hurt You (Frerard)

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✖️As You Were ✖️ By ohholyfrerard Completed

~>Fully Edited<~

Frank never acknowledged his neighbour. His depression and drinking problem were far too important to him. Whilst drunk and vulnerable, he gets attacked in a deserted alley. What Frank didn't know, was that his neighbour wanted to be closer than he thought. He followed him. He couldn't stop himself. He didn't want to let his lust over Frank to get this out of hand, but he couldn't stop himself.

~>Prequel- Blood<~
~>Sequel- Urges<~

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a_a_b_a a_a_b_a Oct 25, 2017
My brain’s confused bc I’m singing Drowning Lessons and Our Lady Of Sorrow at the same time bc of this...
                              B U L L E T S . A L B U M . A T T A C K
Please-kill-JJ Please-kill-JJ Mar 31, 2017
Okay so something cool happened msi followed me on twitter and jimmy liked on of my posts
LostForeverAlone LostForeverAlone Apr 21, 2017
It's weird cuz I've always seen this fic, but I've seen it so much I assumed I already read it. I guess I didn't, so know I am reading it, and I've gotta say 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
celmatesakiller celmatesakiller Jun 18, 2017
Now all I can think is when I freaked out over msi having followed me on twitter I'm crying
purpleangelxx purpleangelxx Jan 23, 2017
I was born with glass bones and paper skin, every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.
- - Jan 12, 2017
Just started reading wish me and all my soon to come tears luck ✌️