Teach Me How to Love Again (Sequel to Dirty Little Secret)

Teach Me How to Love Again (Sequel to Dirty Little Secret)

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🦄 By GerardLeadsTheWay Updated Jul 10, 2016

*~(The title of this chapter is from Since You're Gone by The Pretty Reckless.)~*

A lot can happen in seven months. 

I learned that the hard way. 

It's been seven months since Gerard and I broke up. It was October then, and it's May now. 

Mikey, Kristin, Ray and Frank had gotten me through it. Of course Frank was still my best friend, but they were all a close second. 

Once I was doing better, Frank and I got our own apartment in the same complex as Kristin and Mikey's, so we could visit often. Frank was eighteen now, so he could do that. Ray lived in his own house still, but he visited a lot too. 

My hair was now light pink instead of blue. I had gotten my right eyebrow pierced, and also my lip. I still had my nose piercing from before. I love piercings and tattoos. Frank said he was going to take me to get my first tattoo soon. He had gotten a lot more since then. He's covered in them. 

Personality-wise, I hadn't changed much. I looked different now, but I was the same old Sky...

Why I'm laughing at this, I don't know. But this is goddamn hilarious.
Forest_Of_Milk Forest_Of_Milk Jun 20, 2017
blltsxrvngxprdxdngr blltsxrvngxprdxdngr Mar 12, 2017
Yes and he needs to learn to not put his dïck near other girls that's not his girlfriend lmao
kiera_slays kiera_slays Jan 01, 2017
i know how bad this sounds but i hope the baby dies or it's not his or something so skylar will get back together with him
DragonflyEwing DragonflyEwing Feb 07, 2016
Reading the first chapter, I was thinking I was really going to hate Gee for awhile in this book.    Now I am just wanting to bake him cookies, and cuddle him again!
SoundlessFOB SoundlessFOB Aug 17, 2016
"He's always been my big brother" - 100 percent intelligent quote from Mikey Way