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KMHalandras By kraftygal Updated Mar 04

I sat behind the couch, scrunched in a fetal position, hiding from the sliver of sun which managed to squeeze its way out from behind the drapes. My tormentor. Once a beloved friend, now it holds me captive behind this couch with nothing to keep me company but some cobwebs and fuzzy dust-bunnies.

My newly improved eyes spotted a small, dark colored circular disk amongst the shag carpet. Slowly I eased my way over to it. Score! It's a brown M&M. Popping the tiny sweet treat into my mouth, I carefully chewed...trying not to puncture my lips with my freshly acquired fangs. I smiled. Today is looking up.

sexonfire1 sexonfire1 Feb 17
Good plot line like how the vampire could transform, good character peeking order 
                               My one suggestion is I think it would be awesome if Drake drank the blood of the couple that are drunk and helpless in the car. 
                              Not sure if you are gonna revise this story though.
Hey best chop off his leg, it can't be saved.
                              I'm a fake doctor, I should know...
zoebell101 zoebell101 Feb 28
Why couldnt drake just kill him right there and leave's not like if he is 1000 years old and cannot be killed😐
NDKC-Bookworm NDKC-Bookworm Dec 21, 2016
Why thank you kind specimen...and vampires are savage also...Google 'savage' and you'll know what I mean...
I work at a pump and some people tank for 5 euros. That's not even 4 liters... 😲😒
When you do this it makes me feel like I am watching a movie