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KMHalandras By kraftygal Updated May 30

I sat behind the couch, scrunched in a fetal position, hiding from the sliver of sun which managed to squeeze its way out from behind the drapes. My tormentor. Once a beloved friend, now it holds me captive behind this couch with nothing to keep me company but some cobwebs and fuzzy dust-bunnies.

My newly improved eyes spotted a small, dark colored circular disk amongst the shag carpet. Slowly I eased my way over to it. Score! It's a brown M&M. Popping the tiny sweet treat into my mouth, I carefully chewed...trying not to puncture my lips with my freshly acquired fangs. I smiled. Today is looking up.

This vampire has a biting sense of humor. Pun intended. Duh.
Fiction & Fact is my favorite kinda book. Kinda like Percy Jackson even though my mama thinks it's too juvenile for me. (Officially adult-ing brother right here)
llMiMill llMiMill May 03
It depends on if you using this term for 2017, then yes I do believe we are savages
I like your story so far :) you gained a new reader and a new follower. :P
I can just imagine someone saying something to me and me saying "you swamp monkey!" lol.
Yep it is true vee are whatz u call savage buut  we can be pèácfuul creatures how dare u