A Vampire's Charm

A Vampire's Charm

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Gleisha Ortega By glazeisaunicorn215 Updated Feb 24

I let out a strangled cry as he slapped me across the face. 'Well, someone needs to work on their priority issue's!' I thought angrily but them realized what situation I was in. I let realization sink in as the tears started to form. No, I was not going to get raped, I couldn't! I started sobbing as he let out a dark chuckle. He reached out for me but was knocked off of me in a blur. I didn't see much because black dots were starting to form in my vision but was able to spot out a masculine figure grab the old man by his neck, and what I saw next shocked me. His eyes turned glowing red as his fangs came out and He gave an evil intimidating smile. 
                       "I'm gonna enjoy this." He stated as he ripped out the old man's liver. I would've let out a scream but I was too busy fainting. I let a tear escape as the blackness swallowed me and feared of what was to come.

           'My mother would not approve of this.' I thought, letting my humorous side kick in for my death.
   I'm guessing Claire won't be going to anymore balls? As she gets lost returning from a ball that her mother made her go to, events seem to strike all at once. She gets cold, lost, followed, slapped, almost raped, and when she thought that nothing could get worse, she gets saved. What's so bad about getting saved you ask? Well nothing, unless your being saved by a brutal, possesive, angry vampire who claims that your his beloved. What does she do in a situation like this? She attempts to run away-multiple times actually. As her failed attempts dawn on her, she does the only thing she could think of. She opens a box of poptarts and begins her journey of avoiding a vampires charm.

*not a short story, just new to wattpad. Will update every 3 days.*
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IamINNOCENT2017 IamINNOCENT2017 3 days ago
Someone tell me what preposterous means. Man, those are big words
XOstereoXO XOstereoXO Feb 13
Not one girl that I've read about, woke up with good breath... counting this one
Paisley_TaeTae Paisley_TaeTae a day ago
I didn't like it
                              I deeply didn't like it
                              I loved it
JTCharlesII JTCharlesII Sep 28, 2017
Two kinds of Wattpad readers: 
                              Newbies: OH MY GLOB WHY?! WHAT THE CRAP? 
                              Seniors: Ooh kinky! :) * gets ready for some kinky fun time*
Paisley_TaeTae Paisley_TaeTae a day ago
I wouldn't want my name to be in a book especially the main character bc it's weird to read...