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Purely Arrogant | ✓

Purely Arrogant | ✓

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Ravenclaw By QueenOfTheDorks Completed

He's popular. I have one friend. 

He's outgoing. I'm quiet. 

He has a girlfriend. I'm alone. 

I'm shy and he's purely arrogant. 

But they say like forces repel and opposites attract. 

And we're complete opposites. 


"Hello, my name is Juliette Hunter and I think you're an asshole" I said to him, turning my body away so I could, once again, try and grab the book I so desperately needed. "Your turn" I added, after a moment of silence, realising that he was too stunned to speak. 

His recovery was lightning fast however, as he replied with "Hi Juliette, my name is Levi Knight" He paused, allowing his eyes to roam my body, slowly taking me in from head to toe. I looked him in the eyes, defiant in not allowing him to get to me, as my cheeks began to burn. "And I think you could qualify as one of the most beautiful girls I have ever laid eyes on" he continued smoothly.

I couldn't think of a smart remark in response to what he had said so I mumbled a "fuck off" before returning to the bookshelf, I was sure my face turned crimson. 

"Just out of curiosity," Levi continued, now leaning against the bookshelf. I wasn't going to warn him about the fact that it was slowly tipping over. "You're single right?" 

I wasn't going to tell him that his assumption offended me either. Instead I replied with "Just out of curiosity" I said in a mocking tone "You're single now too, aren't you?" 

"You're a feisty one, aren't you?"

"You're not gonna leave me alone, are you?" I muttered, attempting once more, to grab the book I so badly needed for English.

"You're really hot, you know?"

"You're really annoying, you know?"

All_I_DoIsRead All_I_DoIsRead Sep 28, 2016
I have PTSD, anxiety, and depression. It's bad but on some days it's all okay.
hellsdevil101 hellsdevil101 Jul 01, 2016
Can't wait to read this! Sounds like an amazing eventful book!
LittleMiss_ReadAlot LittleMiss_ReadAlot Jun 15, 2016
Can't wait to read this book, it sounds like it is going to be a great book 👌👍
Ked2001 Ked2001 Dec 23, 2015
Well on the bright side,
                              You have your whole life ahead of you?
                              Your aunt cares for you.
                              but your still mentally unstable and shít...
Ked2001 Ked2001 Dec 23, 2015
Damn I'm not even done with this chapter and I already know it's a good book.
idkvibes_ idkvibes_ Dec 21, 2015
If newcomers are worried to read this book have no fear! Its an amazinnngggg book and it saved me from alot of boredom... Plus author is totally down to earth and kind! READ