❝ Revenge of the Fallen ❞ | Bumblebee X Reader | Book II

❝ Revenge of the Fallen ❞ | Bumblebee X Reader | Book II

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LoveRandomness By LoveRandomness Completed

Sequel to Transformer(Bumble Bee X Reader)

Two years after the Autobots save the Earth from the Decepticons.But now,the Witwicky twins face a new challenge,college.While the Autobots work in a secret military base,and trying to make it more of a home.When an ancient Decepticon known as 'The Fallen' rises up to wreak vengeance,Sam,Mikeala and (Y/N) must figure out the history of the Transformers on Earth to find a way to defeat The Fallen once and for all

Transformers belongs to Hasbros

Began in Aug.13.2015
Ended in Aug.31.2015

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samyshan samyshan Jul 12, 2017
LOL my dad will be giving me the lecture of how cruel the world is and my mom will tell me not to trust on guys and I will be like ._. ok....
This has got to suck. I mean, I’m a major car enthusiast and Camaros are my favorites, but I literally point it out every time I see one. This is torture. A constant reminder.
andyblacksbabygirl andyblacksbabygirl Sep 30, 2017
So she left bee because she wanted to go to college and it's important to her but her. Relationships with bee wouldn't work if she went
NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I WANT TO BE WITH BEE!!!! * clings on to Bees leg * Why author chan/kun!?
MagicalGirlOnFire MagicalGirlOnFire Sep 03, 2017
You know, I'm seeing Sam as an even sweeter guy now. *smiles*