Lazaretto (Camren)

Lazaretto (Camren)

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If you had the option of falling in love but risked being killed because of it, would you still do it? Set in the year of 2093, America as we know it has been split into six regions all governed by individuals of wealth and stature. Every ten years, the citizens of each region are required to give up their newborns to either have them placed into a learning facility where they will stay for twenty years or be killed.

In this facility they are taught to simply not feel any sorts of emotion, including compassion, empathy, and especially love as it is punishable by death. But what if you found it? Is love really worth dying for?

This story follows a nineteen year old girl who was raised behind the facility walls where you are not known as a person but as a number...and she wants out. When a dangerous opportunity arises for her to escape, a certain green eyed guard helps her do it. Once she's on the outside and running for her life, she meets someone new. Someone who is from the city, someone exciting and adventurous. LAZARETTO is a gripping novel about a girl who literally makes a name for herself, all while trying to figure out a world she never knew anything about.

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i had to go back to know what the hell goes on at chapter 15
KeepSinking KeepSinking Feb 26
This is like learning how the world is 
                              Supposed to be not those abuse 
                              Happening in the world when the child
                              Becomes a little older but it isn't fair too
                              For some reason
First time, I'm currently reading this at 1:21 AM and I have to go to school at 3.... OH WELL!
Gorjezzy Gorjezzy Mar 30
Reading this cause im having trouble reading the dark paradise fic cause of no quotations etc 😂 , FIRST TIME HERE
uziraaaa uziraaaa Jan 28
First time, by the description of the book IK its gonna be good as sh!t
KeepSinking KeepSinking Feb 26
Then china is going to make another 
                              Exotic food using fetus human 
                              No wonder why I said that 
                              China is crazy like those exotics...
                              Like livers and stuff from fishy 
                              Or sea things