Spy Games (Lauren/You)

Spy Games (Lauren/You)

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BefallenChains By BefallenChains Completed

It was just a basic routine recon mission. Follow the person of interest, observe, analyze, and return with evidence. Simple. You could've done
it in your sleep. I mean, you were one of the top intelligent operative, Jenson
Cameron. But of course, this wouldn't be a story without a few hiccups here and
there, and this one hiccup during this simple mission caused you to dive into a more
complicated and interesting undercover mission. 

What happens when a secret operative has to follow a well
known girl band in order to gain access to a notorious crime boss? And what happens when
said secret operative starts to break down her walls when a certain someone
pushes her to open up her dark past and secrets of her own? 

This story will be filled with action, crime solving and, of course, a
little Fifth Harmony love. So get ready to dive into the world of a secret
super agent and the world of a being Fifth Harmony.

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Commander_Camren Commander_Camren Apr 10, 2017
They grew up so fast. The 7/27 era is officially over 😭😭
JaureguiHansen5 JaureguiHansen5 Jun 04, 2017
I'm calling it right now: there's gonna be a plot twist where Lauren is actually involved with it.
JaureguiHansen5 JaureguiHansen5 Jun 04, 2017
No one cares cause it's been over a year but my favorite song is River of Tears by Alessia Cara 😜
marialoureiro9 marialoureiro9 Jul 28, 2016
i hearing music and right now you know that moment before the beat deops the music starts building up ?
                              that is just happining and it fits perfectly
rayrayc3 rayrayc3 Dec 31, 2016
I just finished the camila/YOU that you made still in heartache and face stained with dry tears but I'm here for more of your amazing work so let's go
BefallenChains BefallenChains Jan 28, 2015
@NicoleJS0327 haha yeeeaaah. I didn't notice it at first. the original name was Collins Jones but then I thought it was weird so I changed it. lol. totally forgot about the character from the librarians