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My Demon Butlers { Kuroshitsuji Fanfiction }

My Demon Butlers { Kuroshitsuji Fanfiction }

96K Reads 3.4K Votes 30 Part Story

Without any hope Katherine Shiver summons two demons who help her revenging her family in exchange for her soul. The demons named Sebastian and Ciel do everything she says but she feels like they are keeping a secret from her. On her way searching for revenge she finds out who the two demons really are, who she is and what she is to them.

hillymine hillymine Mar 13
Well the relationship between these two you say???
                              Crap let me just find that sebaciel drawing.
xxanimemangafreakxx xxanimemangafreakxx Aug 01, 2016
Wait but it's five/six years after the second season she shouldn't even be in her twenties yet
ParaInParadise ParaInParadise Dec 29, 2016
Is it just me or is this girl not very bright 
                              I mean, Ciel introduced himself to her, and Phantomhive can't be a common last name. Why the hell hasn't she put two and two together?
Crystal_Rivaille Crystal_Rivaille Aug 25, 2016
@Raven_Elaine I'm pretty sure she just hates people in general
Love_VK41 Love_VK41 Aug 30, 2016
I miss that episode when Sebastian had to tighten a corset on Ciel