Winning Blake over

Winning Blake over

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Blake Kendrick is a typical Sixteen year old girl. After her dad gets a promotion and relocated, she has to move to a new state.

Meeting the people from her neighborhood and enrolling in school. The first day as a junior at Eastwood High school, is kind of a tough day. 

Facing the new challenges of her move she meets bad boy Landon Haynes. Also a junior. 

After being warned about Landon, Blake starts a relationship with Elijah Morrison.
Someone Landon doesn't approve of. He warns her but she doesn't listen.

Eli and Blake end up breaking up. Landon now realizing he's in love with Blake tries to show her he's changed. They go through countless adventures. Landon does everything he can to win her over. 

Can Landon help her see that's he's changed his ways? Or will she always see him as the bad boy of the school and the king of players? 

Warning: This story contains topics that may appear sensitive to other such as drugs. It is not graphic.

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Maggieh227 Maggieh227 Nov 02, 2017
boi i was in my homeroom and a rat ran around. nyc isn't the most amazing place in the world.yesterday the subway was so  crowded people were like pushed in together.
MarcyMagallanes2 MarcyMagallanes2 4 days ago
I had the exact same comment, my sisters 9 and she’s in 4th grade
Jcshep03 Jcshep03 Oct 13, 2017
He does know it’s the first day right? So there’s a lot of new kids
kjp247 kjp247 Oct 16, 2017
Landon but I only think so because he’s like 6’ and she’s probably going to end up with him anyways
xoxowildchick xoxowildchick Oct 15, 2017
Once she said fork my Asian ass was like am I the only one who uses chopsticks
kjp247 kjp247 Oct 16, 2017
She knows where she live?! That’s weird it’s only the first day of school bro