A Bad Boy's Worst Nightmare (Book 1)

A Bad Boy's Worst Nightmare (Book 1)

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A. N. Senerella By shadowed_descent Completed

She didn't reply and I felt her finger move across my skin, lower, and almost all the way down my lower back. A shiver coursed through my body, strangely pleasant, and I felt her finger stop. "Your tattoos are beautiful," she said softly.

Too close. She was too close. My pulse was hammering and I could feel her cool breath against my skin when she spoke, and my body was warm from having felt her. I couldn't reply. My breathing was light and shaken. I wanted to just turn around and pull her against me, or rather put her against a wall, so I could kiss her and feel her more properly against me. If she touched me again, I wasn't sure that I could keep myself from doing just that.

"I'm going to take a shower," I said suddenly in an attempt to escape. She didn't stop me, so I took that opportunity to walk away. When I reached the bathroom, I took a deep breath to steady myself as well as my pulse. Closing the door behind me, I ran a hand through my hair. She truly was a nightmare.

A bad boy's worst nightmare was a girl that made him want to be a good one.

Ailene0416 Ailene0416 Jun 24
Ooohhhh thought it was a guy I thought for once it was a guys POV but I guess not
Up until she said bad girl I thought she was a guy - oops - sorry girl
I have light brown eyes but in my left eye there is a part of it That is black or darker brown but it's only noticeable if you are actually looking at it
Sammyjuicoo Sammyjuicoo Jun 18
see ryder can be a guys name and girls name but i got it right
mayag1 mayag1 Feb 24
wait. ryder's a girl? holy... i've been this wrong all this time lol
justinbmykingg justinbmykingg Nov 27, 2016
Wait wait Ryder is a guy, right? Or is it the girl i'm confused please help