A Bad Boy's Worst Nightmare (Book 1)

A Bad Boy's Worst Nightmare (Book 1)

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A. N. Senerella By shadowed_descent Completed

She didn't reply and I felt her finger move across my skin, lower, and almost all the way down my lower back. A shiver coursed through my body, strangely pleasant, and I felt her finger stop. "Your tattoos are beautiful," she said softly.

Too close. She was too close. My pulse was hammering and I could feel her cool breath against my skin when she spoke, and my body was warm from having felt her. I couldn't reply. My breathing was light and shaken. I wanted to just turn around and pull her against me, or rather put her against a wall, so I could kiss her and feel her more properly against me. If she touched me again, I wasn't sure that I could keep myself from doing just that.

"I'm going to take a shower," I said suddenly in an attempt to escape. She didn't stop me, so I took that opportunity to walk away. When I reached the bathroom, I took a deep breath to steady myself as well as my pulse. Closing the door behind me, I ran a hand through my hair. She truly was a nightmare.

A bad boy's worst nightmare was a girl that made him want to be a good one.

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My friend stole a packet of my chips once 
                              Popped a big blood vessel in her arm
                              She never stole food from me ever again
                              Life lesson 
                              Don’t steal food from me
he’s so hot that the water he uses to shower turns the friggin frogs gay
At first i was like sure she has the time to SHOWER but then she decided not to go back and i was like ayyyyyy thats meee 😂😂
Is it just me or does Corey have an interest in Ryder? It's obvious by his actions when something happens to her like soda being spilled on her, or how observant he is of everything she does.
AidanTheWizard AidanTheWizard Oct 03, 2016
My sister has charcoal black hair and it has a white streak because of her birthmark and everyone asks if it is dyed then she tells them about her birthmark and it's cool.