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Changing Mr. Popular

Changing Mr. Popular

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IT'S WILLY By willferrel Completed

An arm snaked around my waist and he forced me to face him.   "That kiss on Wednesday was hot, wanna continue from where we left off?" He whispered huskily, his mouth merely inches from mine.                                         
My heart started thudding loudly, and I was frozen in place. He chuckled and pulled away.                  _______________________________                         Lauren Blake is anything but excited when her parents make her family move mid school year, across the United States. On her first day of school, she manages to trip and fall in front of everyone, insult a teacher, and run into the bad boy of the school, Tyler Morris. He's used and slept with almost the entire junior class. When Lauren keeps on getting involved with Tyler, what will happen? Can she change mr. Populars ways?

Definitely, 100% the cliché you probably expect this to be? 

Tay-Sizzle Tay-Sizzle Feb 02
I want to be her bestie ... wait she wouldn't like that... her main biatch
Tay-Sizzle Tay-Sizzle Feb 02
Every body here is lucky all going to school at 8 and 9... wish I could say the same *sigh*
Qlordia Qlordia Feb 08
ha. ha. ha. in my school if you're tall, have blonde hair and blue eyes you'd stick out like sore thumb.
Tay-Sizzle Tay-Sizzle Feb 02
Why the height. I'm already self conscious about it they don't need to remind me
They wouldn't say "bitch", actually I don't know because I always think the best of people and I go to a girl's school... Ugsgsgsgaaa
i'm in high school and i've never used make up besides chapstick in my life