The Rules and Regulations of Love (Nalu Fanfic)

The Rules and Regulations of Love (Nalu Fanfic)

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The Mermaid By MermaidMama Completed

Lucy Heartfilia is tired of going unnoticed by guys. She always ends up coming off too desperate or too uninterested. Sick of it, she decides to get tutored in the dating arena. She wants the captain of the wrestling team, and she needs some serious help in hooking him.

That's where Natsu comes in. Natsu Dragneel is the master when it comes to playing girls. He has a new girl every other day, and though the pair can hardly have a conversation without driving the other mad, he's volunteered to help her.

Can Natsu help Lucy become a femme fatale? Can Lucy teach Natsu that there's more to life than hooking up with a new girl every other day? It's gonna be tough, but these two are determined to teach each other the rules and regulations of love.

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AnnaBobbyJr AnnaBobbyJr Jun 19, 2017
I can only lift my right eyebrow.....I can barely do my left tho....
atomictears atomictears Jul 27, 2017
everyone's cringing but i'm so used to second hand embarrassment so i'm really chill
weasleyhufflepuff weasleyhufflepuff Aug 02, 2017
I have reread this a million time. It has ruin all other fan fictions with its greatness. Now I'm expecting this and I get what they give me, of that makes sense.
NaluForLifeOTP NaluForLifeOTP Jul 02, 2017
I can do that with my right eyebrow ( if only there were an emoji for that it would be perfect 💯😁)
LEMISI LEMISI Jun 10, 2017
Wtf are you guys doing? No one cares if you're 11 and a skyscraper, cause for all we know you could be a 59 year old man.
                              Calm your tatas.
morelikeaphantom morelikeaphantom Sep 18, 2017
That's kind of like me, too! (Especially when I try to wink. When I think it'll be hot, it goes downhill, and I accidentally do a "2 eyed wink". 😵)