Chapter One

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Okay, so I don't own this plot or Characters or anything! The plot came from a story that I loved and still love! It was written by someone else on Booksie from a long time ago! There is also a sequel to this, but she never finished it and I have no clue what happened to her! It makes me very sad! I will change some of the stuff in here and I will change the characters so it can become a Nalu Fanfiction! Again, I seriously do not own this and I will not take credit for it and I also don't own fairy tails Characters! Also, some of the characters will be OOC, but it's necessary, so :P

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Rule Number One: Always Think Before You Act-Otherwise You'll End Up In Deep Doo-Doo

I hated dating. Absolutely loathed it. Whenever I made an attempt at it, I either ended up coming off like I would do anything for a date or I made it seem like I wouldn't date the guy if he were the last person on Earth. Yeah. Not the greatest life. There was no in between, either. It was always one or the other. That's why I decided to seek out help. I was sick of never getting the guy. It was like no matter what I did, they always ran away screaming in the other direction, arms thrown high in the air, screeching like a howler monkey. It was time for things to change though. I was through with being the girl without the date, the girl without the boyfriend, the girl without love.

I was changing all of that though. There was no way to talk me out of what I was going to do; I'd made up my mind, and once my mind's made up there's nothing anyone can do about it. I sat at the lunch table in the corner with my best friend Levy, going over what I was going to do one more time.

"Lucy, I still don't think it's a good idea to get someone to teach you how to date," she said, biting nervously on her nail. She used to bite on her hair, but when she heard about how the strands of your hair can build up in your stomach and create a huge hairball, she quit cold turkey. I still think her mom and dad made up that story just to get her to stop chewing her hair, but you never know. Now she'd moved on to nails. Every so often when she'd bitten her nails so low they were practically bleeding, she'd reach over, take my hand, and attempt to bite my nails. At which point I usually slapped her.

"Levy, you know this is the only option I have left. This is our last year of high school. I'm seventeen years old and have yet to be kissed, let alone have a boyfriend!" I exclaimed, not extremely loud, but loud enough for the two groups of people at the tables on either side of us to glare before resuming their lunches and oh-so-important conversations.

"But Lucy, why don't you just wait until you find the right guy? The guy that will love you no matter how desperate or uninterested you may seem? The one who cares enough to get past that?"

"Easy for you to say, Levy. Not all of us can have perfect boyfriends like Gajeel. You're one of the lucky few," I grumbled, tearing off pieces of my brown paper bag I'd brought my lunch in. Shredding the pieces again and again until it was impossible to rip any more, I tossed it aside and looked at Levy again.

"Hey, now. My having an awesome boyfriend has nothing to do with this. This is about the fact that you want Gray Fullbuster to notice you, but you're afraid you're going to blow it."

"I'm sorry Levy, but I'm just sick of never getting the guy. C'mon, let's go," I said tiredly, standing up and tossing my lunch bag, much to Levy's chagrin. She was way into saving the planet, and was always on my case about using plastic bags instead of paper because paper bags required trees being cut down and that was a very bad thing. Don't get me wrong-I'm all for hugging a tree every once in a while but I wasn't so into it that I'd get rid of my handy dandy paper bags.

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