The Araliya Fortress || Fairy Tail Fanfic ||

The Araliya Fortress || Fairy Tail Fanfic ||

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iced lemonade By iceyLemon Updated Jun 09, 2016

"Fate is like a thread, woven together, intertwined into a fabric called destiny"

In a simple mission to catch a thief, Lucy finds herself having nightmares about a mysterious girl named Falon Rainwalker.

As she researches about this girl, three hooded figures warn Fairy Tail to give them the Askeria, giving them one month to hand it over.

Not knowing what it is, Team Natsu and some others set on a long journey to find the Araliya Fortress were legend said all knowledge is hidden.

Join the Fairy Tail mages as they race against the clock to find this mysterious fortress.

What connection does Falon have toward the Askeria?

Will they ever make it to the fortress in time?

What will happen?

Will feelings bloom in this seemingly neverending journey?

Read to find out in The Araliya Fortress!

Cover made by the wonderful @momodrops, thankyou!

Fairy tail belongs to Mashima-san (meep)

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LiTtLePiNkGirl2006 LiTtLePiNkGirl2006 May 16, 2017
I CAN'T PLAY THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭
Celestial_Alchemist Celestial_Alchemist Jun 18, 2016
Dang, that's awesome! You're really talented! I'm almost 14 and my stories are nothing compared to yours! Good job! ;D
Dreamcatcher42 Dreamcatcher42 Jun 09, 2016
Acnolohia? Then is this maybe Tenroujima island? Or somewhere else...?
LordIsGreater LordIsGreater Mar 31, 2016
Do you mean Tenroujima island? During the s-class wizard thing
GraceReaper666 GraceReaper666 Aug 10, 2016
Falon Rainwalker? Alan Walker? You know of D. Gray-Man, by any chance?
crawlylives crawlylives Jun 11, 2016
Wow i tried making a story and well i consider myself  12-16 on the internet. But the story sucked. Anyway awsome