Legends from The Warlock's Chair - Book One - Ravengaard

Legends from The Warlock's Chair - Book One - Ravengaard

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Gwyndrid David Morgan By DaveMorgan Completed

The Warlock's Chair.

A place of magic and adventure.

Long ago when the world was young the Faerie races ruled far and wide across the lands of the Earth.

Then with the coming of Man, they disappeared into myth and legend. But they had survived. Hidden away in the secret places known only to a few humans.

An ancient prediction told that there would come a day when the evil known as Ravengaard would return to seek revenge on those who had imprisoned him. And that once again the Faerie Folk would be forced to come out of hiding and confront their old nemesis.

The prophecy also foretold of three children whose lives would forever become entwined with those of the Faerie Folk. They would appear in their time of need.

That time is now...

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