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Accidently Kissed The Bad Boy

Accidently Kissed The Bad Boy

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Scarlet Winters By 1989_vintage_girl Updated Jun 10

I smiled before I ran towards Hunter and jumped on his back while I ignore the weird stares of random people.

"What the hell" he shouted

"Buy me cheesecake" I shouted

"No get off me"




"Off now"

"No uh"

He started to shake me but I only wrapped my legs and arms around him tighter.

"Smile for the camera" Corbin said coming in front of us.

SO here's what went down

There was a party...i was forced to go ...blame my best bored...was walking out...tripped and fall...saved by the bad boy....we both lost balance...fell and kissed.

That's how that went down but there's another part...the part where i had to pay the price..for kissing  him...wanna know what it was?

Read and Find out....(smirk)

And please forgive me there are quite a few grammatical and spelling errors as the book is still under editing

Excuse me 🔫 ninja you just met the girl why do you want to go out where like come on  what do you mean? WHAT .DO .YOU.MEAN?!
redcoatisa redcoatisa Dec 06, 2016
Legit sounds like this senior in my school. He thinks he's a badass because he got kicked out of his last school and showed up trashed to a football game against out ultimate rivals. 😂😂😂
bbsbooks05 bbsbooks05 Dec 13, 2016
Wtf this guy's like a caveman "you. Cave. Now. Me your husband. You my wife. You make baby now"
Rouge2003 Rouge2003 Nov 02, 2016
*spoiler alert for deathly Hallowes* Fred 😭😭but this book will revive him for me lol 😂😂😂
Pau_pau122 Pau_pau122 Dec 14, 2016
I literally said this to a guy the other day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
chelsearamdool chelsearamdool Sep 18, 2015
yes yes i am going to ...and thanks you soo much for all ur comments i will date Friday evening for sure.....@_ _saraaaahh and @MiaGonzalez0803 @Jessie_Heart