Opposites Attract (Completed)

Opposites Attract (Completed)

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Hailey By XxHaileyxCraigxX Completed

Skylar and Damon are two different kind of people. Damon is a player and Skylar is a good girl. She isn't an innocent girl like most may expect but she's close to it. Skylar's brother gets locked up so she has to move in with her new friend Melanie. She soon finds out Damon is Melanie's brother. Damon starts falling for Skylar and visa versa but Melanie doesn't want Damon to mess with anymore of her friends. But will he listen? 


He looked at me with hurt in his eyes as I backed away. This is exactly what I wanted, but at the same time what I didn't want. He started to turn away. 

"Fuck it." I mumbled.

He turned back to me just as I jumped onto him wrapping my arms around his neck and legs around his waist. I crashed my lips into his, kissing him hard. He didn't hesitate. He kissed me back. He pushed me against the bedroom door, running his hand up my thigh. I moaned slightly. His tongue touched my bottom lip asking for entrance that I didn't hesitate to grant him. I bit his bottom lip, which only made him push me harder into the door. His lips strayed down to my neck kissing softly. I began breathing heavily.

"Sky." I hear Mel say, knocking on my door. 

I pulled away from Damon, breathing heavily. Melanie was home. Of course, she would want to tell me about her date with Blake. Damon put me back down on the floor and quickly walked into the closet.

I opened the door. "Hey!" I said. She started walking into my room. I stopped her. "Let's go to your room." I told her, hoping Damon would take the hint.

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Naomi_Lanson Naomi_Lanson Nov 13, 2017
And that's what I call, puting-basic-bad-boy-names-together-to-make-the-ultimate-bad-boy-group! Tadada!!
theforgottonone theforgottonone Dec 18, 2017
So we're ignoring the fact that your brother will be in jail?
book_worm_fairy500 book_worm_fairy500 Jun 05, 2017
Haha. No makeup, lets FACE it. Smooth
                              Haha okay I'll stop now
Naomi_Lanson Naomi_Lanson Nov 13, 2017
Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow.... Ima stop now
miniswancutt miniswancutt Jul 09, 2016
Melanie Martinez? ???💙💚💜💜💛❤💓👍😍😍
are not is... just constructive criticism. not trying to be rude.