Mr. Styles ( Harry Styles fanfiction; teacher/student )

Mr. Styles ( Harry Styles fanfiction; teacher/student )

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vaney_39 By vaney_39 Updated May 10, 2015

He's new. 
He's a history teacher. 
He's young.
He's very good looking.
He is Harry Styles.

When Kim Martins starts her new school year as a junior she realises that some things have changed.She has a new teacher in her most hated subject. 


He's very handsome and hot. But soon she finds out that he's just an arrogant prick that makes her solid D fall to a F and messes with her emotions. She hates him, but she knows that there's a thin line between love and hate.

( I know I suck at description but give the story a chance :) )

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kinkkjay kinkkjay Aug 28, 2016
Literally me when I see every girl drooling over my pe coach 😑😒🙄
umitsmadsok umitsmadsok Sep 28, 2016
I thought of misha until she said he was the ugliest teacher
wuzupgirlfriend wuzupgirlfriend Aug 15, 2016
If harry was my teacher i would straight up go to him and tell him to give me his infamous D
Beyonc1234 Beyonc1234 Aug 15, 2016
Teachers in my school call out students grade grades when they aren't listening
poppymonet poppymonet Jun 30, 2016
i'm laughing so hard bc they're going to frickle frackle soon
_harrystyyles _harrystyyles Nov 11, 2016
Mostly all my teachers are ladies but only two of them are young the rest are old and annoying