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One Piece x Reader : Law, Kid, & Luffy: Home Is Where Your Heart Is

One Piece x Reader : Law, Kid, & Luffy: Home Is Where Your Heart Is

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Queen_of_the_Pirates By Queen_of_the_Pirates Updated Sep 19, 2016

(Y/n) was just a regular girl in a kinda normal emotionally abusive family. (Y/n) would sometimes break down and cry silently in her room for hours, the only thing that saved her from doing this everyday was One Piece. She always watched in awe as Monkey D. Luffy saved his friends and nakama then beat up the villain. Of course she had other favorite characters that she fell in love with like Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid. One day after a couple hours of crying, she starts watching the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, the scene where Luffy, Law, & Kid have started fighting the marines outside the Human Shop. Suddenly her computer starts glitching and a couple minutes later some certain someone's are suddenly in her room. Will she be able to hide them? Will she be able to get them home? If she does, will she go home with them?

  • anime
  • eustasskid
  • highschool
  • monkeydluffy
  • onepiece
  • reallifeau
  • romance
  • trafalgarlaw
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Amareno18 Amareno18 May 06, 2017
I'll die with this desire... it's badly sad to know that😢
I wish that One Piece characters come out of my tv. Then i could go around saying "I TOLD YOU THEY'RE HOT!" and no one can say no😂😊
j-bold j-bold Mar 04
Girl if these suppose to be insults then you really are a loss to the family
hillbillykelp2161 hillbillykelp2161 Apr 19, 2017
Oh great. Sounds like my mum before she started to take her meds.
Luna_newgate Luna_newgate Aug 06, 2017
Sorry but have you seen the government in one piece, I would probably of being born into a village were nothing happens, there an uncurable  disease were we get massacred for, or just massacred because of pirates yeah I like my life now more then that
_TrappedForever_ _TrappedForever_ Sep 01, 2017
Uhh.. Actually I'm not a pig or a fatty, I may seem like a butthole if I'm pissed, I don't really care if you call me a loser, and lamo? Yeah, whatever.