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Wait for me { One Piece X Reader } ✔️

Wait for me { One Piece X Reader } ✔️

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( ◠‿◠ ) By mwzxxx Completed



Wouldn't an average, nineteen year old wish to go to school and achieve their dreams? After all, doesn't everyone want to pursue success?

But that's not the case for (Y/N). She's is a rebellious, nineteen year old who doesn't want to go to school. Her dream is to become a pirate but with all her problems can she achieve even that?

Thrown into a discipline school for delinquents, she struggles to adapt and escape at the same time. Pushing everyone aside, she tries to focus solely on her goal. But that's not exactly an easy task.

Will (Y/N) be able to survive in the dangerous place known as Dressrosa Academy and reach her goal?

She has something she must do. A matter of life and death.

Time is running out. 

She might not be able to make it.



May contain SPOILERS, later in the book!

Do NOT read UNLESS you are past MARINEFORD!

You have been warned...



One Piece and all characters belong to Eichiro Oda.


| cover made by @wooshuu | 


| 4/22/16 | - | 4/22/17 |

kelp89 kelp89 Apr 19
Welp no spoilers for me! I'm a one piece freak! Up to date with the manga and anime.
zworos zworos 2 days ago
love being up to date for the anime ☺️☺️ wish i was with the manga tho
piratequeend piratequeend Apr 24, 2016
I like it thus far you're really good at keeping it interesting and the characters are portrayed nicely
I'm kinda halfway in Dressrossa? Oh well, I live in a sea of spoilers.
Pincess_Mona_Cupcake Pincess_Mona_Cupcake Oct 03, 2016
Me: Well.. I'm on Skypiea arc and I basically know what happens. I mean I spoiled myself on the wiki to find out nearly about everything in the hole series so...
                              *puts armor on and grabs a sword*
                              I SHALL LIVE WITH THOUW SPOILERS 
                              *starts riding bepo as if he was a horse*
SonicAngel360 SonicAngel360 Aug 03, 2016
Well fudge...
                              Guess I have to watch subbed now
                              *starts watching subbed from episode 4-hundred-something*
                              Nope...can't do it sry...I'll just wait...
                              *stares at the book*
                              But spoilers don't hurt...right?