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Princess Asante By crazyforchrist Updated 3 days ago

"You kinda get used to being the wallflower when you know that your sister is forever gonna outshine you..."
    Meet Emily. Your average teenage girl, who has a twin who happens to be better at her at everything. So it comes as no surprise when Rose is chosen to be the Crown Princess of Maldonia. (Okay, so maybe it's a bit weird to come home and have a stranger tell you that your twin sister is Crown Princess and that she has to go and learn the rules and laws of an uncharted kingdom...)
    Anyway, when Rose is kidnapped, Emily is called to be the temporary princess to prevent mass panic whilst investigations go on. Can Emily step into the size seven shoes that her twin left her?
    Join Emily as she meets shy maids, devious eight year olds, strict governesses  and a certain grey eyed boy...who happens to be the most annoying person to walk the Earth.
    In the midst of all this confusion, will Emily be able to realise that God has a bigger plan for her? One that requires all the courage that she can find? Read on to find out in:
    Emergency Princess
  Warning: Contains scenes that may make you burst into laughter. Read at your own risk.

Cover by GreaterWorks

Highest ranking: 17th in Spiritual!

_Joalabear_ _Joalabear_ Jul 12
I've been reading this book all night and I said I'd vote the moment I hot a chance... Its so amazing so far. ❤
gardensmile gardensmile Jun 30
life can be hard but God's love is the easiest thing i've accepted
apflood33 apflood33 Jun 20
Grey eyed boy....the most annoying person on earth ; THANK U FOR MENTIONING A BOY THAT SOUNDS HOT BUT IS ANNOYING IN THE DESCRIPTION
TurquoiseScribe TurquoiseScribe Jun 30, 2016
Ooh this looks exciting. :3 The description makes me think of a Princess Diaries kind of feel. And now I must scamper to read more. :3
YaraHamden YaraHamden Mar 07
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75sandwiches 75sandwiches Jun 13, 2016
Its so awkward when someone has better eyesight that you even when you're wearing glasses/ lenses