I still love you (Camila/You) (Major Editing)

I still love you (Camila/You) (Major Editing)

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Gwennie-Poo By CamilaIsSmexy Completed

You are best friends with Camila Cabello.
 As your friendship grew your feelings grew too,one day you have the balls to tell her.

What happens when you tell her?


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This is my very first book that I've made so there may be a lot of mistakes

jauregism jauregism Feb 07, 2016
Middle school is 6th to 8th grade. Idk maybe it depends where you're from
riyahhhhhhh riyahhhhhhh Feb 20, 2016
Lol this is was ur first fanfic 😭😭I'm reading curiosity Camila and me 😭
Justdoinme1 Justdoinme1 Jan 05
Dis brings back painful memories which I'm still tryin to forget😞
LanniferStale LanniferStale 5 days ago
Poles are cylinders, which are technically round. So um Canola isn't as straight as y'all think she is
itzRP21 itzRP21 Jan 08
Bïtch get her name right first then show yo dorito looking a$$!
DinahSmile_ DinahSmile_ Jul 12, 2015
haha I was gonna say...Austin Just randomly walks into the house? but were so cute Go Kasmila!