Best Friends? (Camila/You)

Best Friends? (Camila/You)

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marissalovess5h By marissalovess5h Updated Nov 02, 2017

"will you come on tour with me?" who knew what was to come after that simple 7 word question, who knew saying yes would shake the very core of who I was and who Camila Cabello was in that very moment. 

My life was changed the moment I looked into the deep chocolate eyes of my best friend and said "yes." if only I knew what was to come, would i have changed my answer? would I regret my choice? absolutely not because for as long as I could remember the only thing I was sure of was Camila and i always will be. 

This is my journey, this is how Camila Cabello changed my life and how I fell in love with the most amazing human being. 

I'm sorry in advance. 

Ps: I was a fetus when I wrote the first few chapters so the grammar isn't exactly on point but it will get better as more parts come out. Thanks!


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jxssxe jxssxe Jul 04, 2017
I would probably do it in slow motion for effect and also that's how dorky I am
Something's gotta give is playing now... fuuučk I'm in my feels
Teen_Schemes Teen_Schemes Sep 24, 2016
It said sapphire eyes but sapphire is blue so wtf are you talking about😂😂
hopium hopium Apr 30, 2016
You're so sexy beautiful, everybody wants a taste, that's whyyyy, I still get jealoussssss 🎶🎶
d1dustytv1996 d1dustytv1996 Apr 13, 2016
I honestly love your vocabulary. There was words I didn't even know existed. Also I'm loving this fic it's kind of different than what we get in these types of books so thank you and do you booboo