Best Friends? (Camila/You)

Best Friends? (Camila/You)

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marissalovess5h By marissalovess5h Updated Nov 02

Camila has been your best friend since you were five years old, ever since Fifth Harmony was created you've seen less and less of her. One day when she comes back from the first leg of the Austin Mahone tour she is over the moon to see you, she then proceeds to ask you the most important question of your life... "Will you come with me on tour?" Of course you think nothing of it and agree. But when the tour starts up again a whirlwind begins, emotions run high and will your best friend finally realize your feelings for her? Or will another catch your eye? Read to find out... (Originally on 5Hfanfiction on Tumblr, yes I am the original author). 

Ps: I was a fetus when I wrote the first few chapters so the grammar isn't exactly on point but it will get better as more parts come out. Thanks!


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karlasllama karlasllama Jul 04
I would probably do it in slow motion for effect and also that's how dorky I am
Teen_Schemes Teen_Schemes Sep 24, 2016
It said sapphire eyes but sapphire is blue so wtf are you talking about馃槀馃槀
hopium hopium Apr 30, 2016
You're so sexy beautiful, everybody wants a taste, that's whyyyy, I still get jealoussssss 馃幎馃幎
d1dustytv1996 d1dustytv1996 Apr 13, 2016
I honestly love your vocabulary. There was words I didn't even know existed. Also I'm loving this fic it's kind of different than what we get in these types of books so thank you and do you booboo