Save Me.

Save Me.

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It's 2016 and suicide rates are at an all time high in America. They're worse than during the Great Depression. This is having a great affect on Alfred, who is having a difficult time pulling through. His thoughts are getting darker and his skin bloodier. With all these deaths and the thoughts mulling in his brain will he be able to make it through this time? Is there anything Arthur can do? The future is looking bleak, and this is one thing Arthur isn't sure Alfred will be able to make it through. 

(This is purely fictional and I do no own any of the characters used. As for the suicide rates, this is a very serious topic, and is "made up". I do bot know what they are in 2016, as it is still 2015, and they will hopefully not be this bad when 2016 comes around.

WARNING: Suicidal and depressing thoughts + actions. There will be self harm, death, and multiple mentions/doings of suicide.

FandomTrashInc FandomTrashInc Mar 22, 2016
I do the 'im gonna like your face' thing to my fam all the time
animatedgamer animatedgamer Apr 02, 2016
Is it bad that I immediately thought of (i forget her name...) from undertale :p
ShihoFujioka ShihoFujioka Mar 07, 2016
XDD. I say this once to my brother. He freaked out and thought I had a problem. XD
Grimmire Grimmire Aug 07, 2016
That's like boredom and depression mixed oh my god I feel you it's the worst thing
TheFandomHQ TheFandomHQ Jul 19, 2015
hehe I do this to my brother
                              Matthew: pffffffffffffffffffffffff
pen_pencil_panda pen_pencil_panda Jun 14, 2015
"If you don't get up I'm going to lick your face" WHY THAT SOUNDS VERY FAMILIAR