The Hero, Depressed?

The Hero, Depressed?

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Roxanne By FandomObsessedFreak Completed

Why was everyone avoiding America, or what it seems like anyway, and what will happen when you ignore 'the center of attention' for too long? Of course something very bad.

***If you are triggered easily, I highly suggest not reading this fanfic for there are some very sensitive moments and extreme self-doubt and stuff like that. So please. Or if you're fine with that then please carry on.***

(This is a finished story but I reread it from time to time and I edit any little mistakes I see. And I see a lot from time to time.)

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I’ve learned more by myself with the help of google in an hour than being taught by a teacher for at least 5 school years......
                              ......I’m down
Scary movies? IM IN! Although i'll probably just stare through it with a blank expression unless i raise my eyebrow at characters, or start laughing at jump scares. While judging the characters.
*Grabs tissues.* And I'm ready! 
                              ... I'm at the store and have no tissues. o.o
*looks directly at Tony* 
                              YOU KILL’N ME SMALLS!!! 😂😂😂
Actually, it’s cannon that England is really good at making sweets.
Me: Fricking Fricking Foocking 
                              Tony: .....F***
                              Me: 😂😂😂