The Property of Compliance [Boyxboy]

The Property of Compliance [Boyxboy]

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Sylvanas By JM_Morrison Updated Nov 12, 2018

As soon as he was born, Reade had become his father's ultimate salvation. The very man who ruled over Scotland itself worshipped the boy at his knees, gave him the world, and as Reade grew and blossomed into the most beautiful and humble of beings, the strength of their relationship never faltered. 

Reade, now such an intelligent and insightful man full of the most beautifully unconventional thoughts and ideas, knows in his heart the path upon which he wishes to trek. While he truly loves his father, at twenty four years old, furthering Scotland's monarchy is not what he truly wishes to do.

Upon learning this, though, the king is inconceivably enraged. Shunning his once beloved son, he leaves him for dead as an offering to the most infamously ruthless chief the highlands has ever seen, unleashing an awful plague of death upon the beautiful highlands Reade has always treasured so greatly.


Lysander MacFheargail, said to be the cruelest yet most magnificent being the highland gods had ever created, was a man who was used to being in control. Feared as far as his influence had reached, he had gained the most intimidating of reputations after a lifetime of bloodshed. Consumed by guilt he had become the ultimate recluse, locked away as a prisoner to his own troubles and the countless false pretenses surrounding his name. But one look at Reade, and his resolve was gone. 

Entirely unaware of what the gods have planned for the two of them, they try their hardest to battle their desire for one another, though they will soon learn this isn't all voluntary. For before they can give in to each other they must first give in to themselves. 

Before it's too late..

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