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The Highlander by bloodxlove
The Highlanderby Sammy Birch
When Rosaline Perriwell visited a psychic, the last thing she expected was to get thrown back centuries in time, and into the Scottish highlands. Stuck in the past, she...
TMNT dawn of female turtles by CheetaraRosePurra
TMNT dawn of female turtlesby CheetaraRosePurra
Tmnt fan fiction. Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All rights go to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird
The Memory Mistake by AngelNatari
The Memory Mistakeby Angel Natari
Dana is the Personal Assistant to the last heir of the McLaughlin family and she has done everything for him, almost. Moving from America to Scotland was more for resear...
Dark Sewers Part 1 by ChrisGarvey1
Dark Sewers Part 1by Chris Garvey
The Ninja Turtles are getting their start in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles FanFiction
My Strength. by RedDressesX01
My Yazmin Costa
Just a short, simple story based on the medieval times :) Please leave a comment at the end with your thoughts and I may write an actual story on it :)
Do not perceive by Mercy_anba
Do not perceiveby Mercy_anba
This is a story of a mystery investigator, Levi, and a flamboyant medium, Laird. Two people have disappeared in this town. There were seen going into the 'door', tha...
Notes by Phantomphanfiction
Notesby Phantomphanfiction
Firmin & André shouldn't have feelings for each other, but they can't help it. They love each other.
Finding Amber by FleetingFancy
Finding Amberby FleetingFancy
Eion MacRurir is known to be many things, a caring man is not one of them. But when a mysterious baby appears at the annual highland games, that all changes.
Turning Tides by Stephanie86NL
Turning Tidesby Stephanie
Catherine has been dealing with the loss of her soul mate for over four years but struggles to find peace with his death. She refuses to talk about him and continues to...
Falling for the captain of the drum line  by madisonqueen123
Falling for the captain of the madisonqueen123
I am Smith twin sister. Laird was the captain of the drum line . Will they fill in love
A BREATH IN TIME.    Susan and the Scotsman. by SuzieAllsopp
A BREATH IN TIME. Susan and Suzie Allsopp
Here is a sneak peak..... Hamish?.... are there any tourist attractions or anything around my cottage?...." after a moment of silence he grumbles, "If your loo...
The Highlander's Lady (Book Two of the Highlander Possession Series) by foreverhopeful
The Highlander's Lady (Book Two Savannah K. Vining
When Graham Ruskin, heartbroken and in mere misery for losing the one woman he loved, finds himself walking the streets of his estate, he does not expect to find another...
Project 884 : Awakening of Ultimate by Ducheyss
Project 884 : Awakening of Ultimateby Ducheyss
Year 3090 Avalon launched a project named Project Leaf. It aims to create ultimate weapon the world could ever have. They named the imperfect yet dangerous weapon; 884...