Her Master Mephisto (Beauty & The Beast Fanfiction)

Her Master Mephisto (Beauty & The Beast Fanfiction)

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Allura means beauty. Though she is trapped in her father's service, she learns to be free in her imagination, in her singing and books. When her father is held hostage by a strange red-eyed beast and sells Allura for his own freedom, Allura faces the choice to rescue him or to take her chance for liberation. She chooses the path of love and is given a magic blessing in the form of a Rose to take with her. What will she find? Her death? Or perhaps true love? 

This story is dedicated to Raihnon and Renasii at Manohriti. 

Credit to Amanda Hull for the graphic art in the picture and photographer Raechel Barnett. Image used with permission.

Author Note:  This story was written because of a task I recently took on to re-write a favourite fairy tale. I chose this one because my Mother used to tell it to me all the time as a child without a book to read from. I loved it and it makes me remember her with happy memories even though she has now joined the mysterious after-life.

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SomeoneLikeNoOne SomeoneLikeNoOne Jul 14, 2017
I hate people like that tbh ..if you're gonna be big and mean then act like it until the end . where is your dignity man ?
SomeoneLikeNoOne SomeoneLikeNoOne Jul 14, 2017
I think this makes a bit more sense that the original fairytale for a reason .. No good father would give up his daughter even if it meant his life so it's more logical for him to be a useless , good for nothing , selfish prick than a nice loving dad who want a rose for his daughter 🙄
SomeoneLikeNoOne SomeoneLikeNoOne Jul 14, 2017
I swear if this worked on people , I'd use it when someone wakes me up 🙄  I'm not beasty enough though , just grumpy 😂
azbila azbila Apr 08, 2016
The shittiest father of the year award goes to...
                              (Drum roll please)
                              ...this guy (cuz I don't know his name)
00crossfire 00crossfire Aug 09, 2016
Oh perfect he has a very beautiful and innocent daughter how specific xD
thesaltysticks thesaltysticks Feb 21, 2016
LOL I can imagine the beast saying this. 'Die, obnoxious stranger!'