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THORN [A Paranormal Romance] by LEPalphreyman
He was sent to curse her. But he got caught under her spell . . . --- Every century Jack must deliver a sleeping curse. But he thinks he's falling in love with his targe...
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I Wish I May by AdelynAnn
I Wish I Mayby Adelyn Sterling
Fairy Godmother in training, Zelda Ravensdale is starting her fourth and final year at Madame LeBleu's school for godmothers. She hopes to earn the title of First Fairy...
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hooked by randezvuoz
hookedby 🍂🎞
Mal's older sister, Ann, was their mom's fav until, Mal got taken to Auradon by the command of Prince, well now King Benjamin. Ann always wanted to go to Auradon but ins...
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Watching the future of Auradon!!! by harrypotterfan384
Watching the future of Auradon!!!by harrypotterfan384
A week after the VK's arrived, the heroes and their children were pulled into a white room with a large black screen. In the room, They watch the future and past of Aura...
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Family Descendant  (DISCONTINUED)  by KillerFrost298
Family Descendant (DISCONTINUED) by Rosie West-Allen
Once Upon a Time x Descendants As the group of VKs and AKs hang out a question lingers as the group show there pasts Mal has hidden something from everyone including he...
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Descendants - Cruella's Revenge by Who_Knew_77
Descendants - Cruella's Revengeby Marshall
Carlos is having nightmares. Not just any nightmares. Nightmares of his mother, Cruella de Vil. But, are they really just dreams? Memories resurface and problems occur a...
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The Descendants Punishment DISCONTINUED by TrappedByThem
The Descendants Punishment DISCONT...by OnThisSpringDay
What if Mal never won against her mother? The villain kids are sent back to the Isle of the Lost only to face their parents. Their parents have a special punishment for...
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Descendants 4 [COMPLETED] by dontcallmehangel_
Descendants 4 [COMPLETED]by —Yuri💋
The barrier of auradon is opened forever and the kids of the isle uma, Harry and Gil get a chance as well as other isle of the lost kids to go to school in auradon and h...
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Princess Charming by makexbelieve
Princess Charmingby Heather James
Every culture has its own version of Cinderella, whether it features glass slippers and fairy godmothers, or enchanted trees and magic fish, the love story endures and g...
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Descendants X reader by JeronicaVughead1
Descendants X readerby caitlyn
You are the daughter of the queen of hearts. You,Mal,Evie,Carlos and Jay get chose to go to Auradon. "Remember if anyone gets on your nerves. Off with they're head...
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Running away [SLOW UPDATES] by Ishy555
Running away [SLOW UPDATES]by Ishy
Mal has just started calling Auradon home. She loves he friends and she loves Ben. But when, at her age, she gets pregnant she also gets scared. So without warning she r...
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Disney's Descendants: Watching Their Movie by Descendants4eVeRLoVe
Disney's Descendants: Watching The...by Descendants4eVeRLoVe
The VK's, AK's, Belle, Beast and Fairy Godmother disappeared and appeared into a movie theater. They will watch their future (the first movie). Love and friendship, hat...
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Descendants Watching Their Movie by LanaWingfree
Descendants Watching Their Movieby Tundra Blitz
Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos are four of the Isle's baddest prodigies. They love creating havoc and following in their parents' footsteps. But when they are sucked into...
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Potrait | E. Grimhilde by -eviesloki
Potrait | E. Grimhildeby 𝐑𝐔𝐁𝐘
When the VKs come and Ryder has a new art project to do, worlds collide and unlikely romances form. ••• © 2019 Ruby Wood. All Rights Reserved STARTED: 16th August, 2019 ...
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Why can't I? (Solby)  by StormingSolby
Why can't I? (Solby) by Lilly and Brook
In a world where there's evil and good but did they ever say good can't change evil? And who said being a little dark was a bad thing?
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Daughter of a Pan by DJPiper
Daughter of a Panby Ace
Piper Pan, the most troublesome kid at Auradon prep. Get's in trouble 24/7 but always have 2 trustworthy and loyal friends. Prince Ben, son of Queen Belle and King Beast...
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Princess of Hearts by samanthaswishes
Princess of Heartsby Samantha
(CURRENTLY WRITING D3 PORTION) What if Ben invited a fifth kid from the Isle of the Lost? Heather, fourteen year old daughter of the Queen of Hearts, and her four best f...
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Glass Heart- Cinderella AU[Ereri/Riren] by Autumn_Minx
Glass Heart- Cinderella AU[Ereri/R...by Autumn_Minx
✔Completed!✔ Tall!LeviXShort!Eren Just a short story I have been writing in the drafts and thought I'd upload it all at once because why not! Eren is the underdog of th...
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The Enemy's Daughter  by LoveTheNerd
The Enemy's Daughter by LoveTheNerd
Gabby is the daughter of Gaston. Prince Ben, son of Beast and Belle, allows five villain kids to come to Auradon. Gabby is one of the VK's. Will Gabby and Ben beat the o...
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Her Master Mephisto (Beauty & The Beast Fanfiction) by MelanieLambert4
Her Master Mephisto (Beauty & The...by Melanie Lambert
Allura means beauty. Though she is trapped in her father's service, she learns to be free in her imagination, in her singing and books. When her father is held hostage b...
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