Dream On - The Dreams of a Crazy Teenager

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mickeyD240 By mickeyD240 Updated 3 years ago
It all started with a crazy teenage girl.  Everyone knew she was crazy, and they loved her for it.  No one, however, realized just how crazy she was until she started posting updates about her dreams.  In her own little dream world, her brain was willing to create all kinds of crazy fantasies, some that even she didn’t understand.  
    As time progressed, her dreams became more and more insane, and therefore more and more hilarious.  People started reading the posts more often, and she received many comments on how much they made people laugh.  So she decided to write a book containing these dreams, giving people a first-person view of her crazy dream world that no one fully comprehends.
    Now would be a good time for you to mentally prepare yourself.  Once you’ve done that, feel free to proceed into the hilarious dream world of this crazy child.
I have mentally prepared myself enough to read the rest of your story : )
That was really good!! I loved the humor!! Great read!! I'll definitely recomend this to others!! You have my vote!!
                                    Great job!! :)
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LMBO!! This is HILARIOUS!! Which is nice, because I really needed a good laugh. Voted, and I'm reading on!