The Girl Underground

The Girl Underground

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Mila&Mandy By _WriteMeThis_ Completed

***The Girl Underground, Book 1 ***

"Loving him was a mistake, I knew that. It was the most beautifully evil thing I have ever done." 

In the case of forbidden love in the English countryside, the shrewd and powerful Magistrate, John Quincy, found one that would change his life forever. Spellbound by the young and beautiful servant, Malia, he watches her silently from afar, tormented by the want of her. Malia doesn't know the effect she's had on the imposing Magistrate, merely seeing him as one of her many superiors. But soon looks turn to touch, and touch soon turns into a very dangerous love story. 

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the book is written in such a wonderful way, but i didn't understand a thing i'm so confused, i need to reread it
This is by far one of the best first chapters I've ever read. I can't tell you how brilliant it is to stumble upon a book with such eloquent, realistic flow to the words.
AminaTullu AminaTullu Oct 09
I have a feeling this story going to be sad in the end, I swear. I hope not. 🙏
So I shall not ignore a single aspect if the story ? Got it.  You girls are so damn successful in keeping your readers hooked.
KinkyRx KinkyRx Oct 29
Drama!  There's so much interesting back story and the first chapters not even over 😃
Maybe you don't have to remind us of those dark days everytime I remmber how black people was treated in the past my blood boils