Love sick series fanfics of the juicier kind

Love sick series fanfics of the juicier kind

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Sayurisan1982 By sayurisan82 Updated Aug 30, 2015

- Love sick fanfics of the juicier kind -

It's all about Fanfics of  "Love Sick", on the juicier side...
The thoughts of Phun on bunch of chapters. He is my favourite character since I feel there are many layers to him.Also, we don't get to know very much about what goes on inside of his head, so I decided to try to find out. Those aren't R-rated though, even though is mentioned a couple of times.

LOVE SICK : Chunlamoon Noom Kang Keng Namgern by [INDRYTIMES] (LOVE SICK : The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys).
(Which is also available in a sugar sweet Drama series - "Love Sick - The Series")

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OMG I just found this story..... Solo cute I could see this happening in the show for real.
This was great The author captured the voice of the story so well.. Add this to the original novel and it fits perfect
this is the story in asianfanfics right? that of Bambikill and Wingedman???
JustCMe JustCMe Oct 22, 2016
Reading this again, I'm in need of some Phun/Noh at the moment.
Goworm Goworm Nov 14, 2016
My Dam toes curled. Great Job. Seeing the series first then reading the material makes the picture so vivid in my mind I can just picture scene after scene. Excellent Job.
JustCMe JustCMe Mar 17, 2016
Love the series and novel, now this is what I call having your cake and eat it too!!! xD  Thanks for sharing!!!