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The Angel and the Demon | Yukio Okumura (Blue Exorcist / Ao no Exorcist) by theredwriter_
The Angel and the Demon | Yukio aka
Yukio Okumura x OC | Born to protect is what he and she have in common; he swore to protect the spawn of Satan, and she's cursed to protect the world. In reality, they a...
Blue Exorcist Boyfriend Scenarios by aesthetic-n-stuff
Blue Exorcist Boyfriend Scenariosby Tbh Idk
COMPLETED STORY Hi there! In this book, there will be boyfriend scenarios for: Rin, Yukio, Bon, Shima, Mephisto, and Amaimon. Please Enjoy! Highest Ranking: #3 in Bon #...
Sweet Like Candy by CoryBaby25
Sweet Like Candyby Cory Lee
This is genderbent Rin. Girls are hugely different from guys, we all know this, so a lot of things will obviously be different in some instances. This story follows the...
Collision | ✔️ | Blue Exorcist by 19FandomTrash98
Collision | ✔️ | Blue Exorcistby Shannon
31,198 words: A routine exorcism trip goes horribly wrong when the cram students get into a car accident and become stranded in the middle of nowhere.
The 9th by MyMindsRealm
The 9thby MyMindsRealm
In a fit of rage, five year old Okumura Rin unlocked his secondary powers, and felt as if he was forced to flee because of it. While sitting in a cemetery tree, a man wh...
blue&silver (a blue exorcist fanfic) by vxnillabooks
blue&silver (a blue exorcist j
Ao No exorcist fan fic (rinXoc) (REWRITING) Lynn has been destined for greatness ever since she was conceived. Even if that greatness means destroying God or Satan, and...
Ao no Exorcist Imagines by aonogifreactions
Ao no Exorcist Imaginesby aonogifreactions
Headcanons, reactions and scenarios taken from my Tumblr blog aonogifreactions. Slow updates. Some of the requests might contain spoilers from the manga. I do not own Ao...
Flame of Sin |Blue Exorcist| |Reader Insert| by Red__Ruby
Flame of Sin |Blue Exorcist| | 𝕽𝖚𝖇𝖞
There are three sides. The good, the evil, and the indifferent. Why are you always choosing which one you're on? You've never wanted to become an exorcist. You had no in...
Rin's Disaster by KateriLand
Rin's Disasterby KateriLand
Being the bastard son of Satan, Rin Okumara has taken all he can face. Now he is alone and unwanted, and on a journey to define himself, before others can.
letters to the new me         Mephisto X Rin by ink_quill_pen
letters to the new me Ink&Quill stories
Hello, dear readers just a few warnings beforehand there will be misspelled words, bad grammar, bad characterization, and awful story elements! I wrote this fic years ag...
Where I Belong by memo-ruru
Where I Belongby Prince Memo
"I wonder which you are: a human or a demon. One day, you will have to decide." -Mephisto P./Samael After everything he has done for them, after saving...
Princess of Gehenna (Rin Okumura x Reader) by maki_neko7
Princess of Gehenna (Rin Okumura Maki Nekomata
A girl, who was given the flames of Satan, was destined to be the princess of Gehenna (Hell). She hated it. Satan and those demonic powers took away everything important...
Another Brother by Sweet_Sprout
Another Brotherby Sprout
Okay, so we all know Blue Exorcist but this go round Yuri gave birth to three boys: Rin, Yukio and Akito. This story is going to follow the youngest Okumura, Akito, as h...
The Cursed Hero || BNHA x Male OC ||  Book 1 by ThatWeeb_MC
The Cursed Hero || BNHA x Male Bonniex
Join the journey of Ayato Naganohara as he grow up with a strange backstory. It isn't tragic like many others but he technically shouldn't even exist at this point. He w...
A New kind of danger by Salem_Kitchen_Witch
A New kind of dangerby The_Missing_Jade_Pendant
This is a crossover between Venom and Blue exorcist. {Start Date: 4-3-23} {Publish date: 4-4-23} {End date: ?-?-??} I own NOTHING other than the story plot. Thank you.
Yukio x Rin by Kitten1134
Yukio x Rinby The End Is Near
(Title will be changed when I think of a better one) Blue Exorcist AU What if... Rin and Yukio aren't blood related brothers Shiro is still alive Yuri didn't die durin...
Studying Half Demons by _PearlWolf_
Studying Half Demonsby PearlWolf
Rin is being rejected by his friends because he is the son of Satan, but what will happen when Mephisto makes a surprise announcement?
A Game Of Logic (A Blue Exorcist Fanfic) by AmaimonMephistoGrell
A Game Of Logic (A Blue Exorcist Mikiya_666
Malika was the 9th child of Satan and the only girl of all of the children of Satan. She was the demon king of logic which makes her incredibly strong. She spent her tim...
Fates cross AmaimonxReader  by Amaimon13
Fates cross AmaimonxReader by Amaimon13
So I've read this soulmate thing that what you write on yourself would appear on your soulmate and it gave me the idea for this. Sorry if it's bad but I had to try writi...
Anime Oneshots by GreenRevolutionary
Anime Oneshotsby Me.
Book of oneshots about all sorts of anime and manga characters. Boys and girls. All of 'em. I take requests too. Just PM me or leave it in the comments. But please giv...