My Love, The Demon - A Blue Exorcist Fanfiction (Boyxboy)

My Love, The Demon - A Blue Exorcist Fanfiction (Boyxboy)

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Terra-K By Another-Fujoshi Completed

Bon x Rin fanfiction.

 After years of unrequited love Bon and Rin finally confess their feeling for each other.

Setting- 2 years after the end.(though thats really not important.) This is my story but I don't own the anime or it's characters.

Disclaimer - I do not own Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist or the characters. If I did it would have been a yaoi anime. All rights go to Kazue Katō & whoever else.

WARNING: Yaoi/BoyxBoy - don't like it don't read it.

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SierraroseRivers SierraroseRivers 6 days ago
It's navy blue, and when you say bluenette, I think of nagisa from assassination classroom
Pika-Girl1 Pika-Girl1 Jun 21, 2017
Yeah, listen to Shima, boi.
                              Can't blame Rin if he's tired and thinks the lesson is boring.
Pika-Girl1 Pika-Girl1 Jun 21, 2017
                              He's an adorable panda in disguise 😂😂😂
Pika-Girl1 Pika-Girl1 Jun 21, 2017
Yukio, you need to understand that getting A's is not as easy as breathing, for some people. It is like rocket science.
PotatoProductionsFan PotatoProductionsFan Jan 13, 2017
well, i'm already legitimately really sick, so if I go out reading fanfics, that's fine by me
AlexIsBadAtNames AlexIsBadAtNames Aug 07, 2016
Since when does Izumo have tails?... it can't be her familiars, they're white...