The Russian mobster: Russian Mafia Romance

The Russian mobster: Russian Mafia Romance

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The difference between a murderer and a killer is the prey.

    What happens when you are kidnapped from the life you know? 

    Grey Ravenwood, a nineteen year old trained assassin. She was a born killer, and a lethal weapon.

    Sinister Solvact, the Russian Mobster. A gorgeous, violet, and cold man. He is a heartless murderer.

     What happens when Grey makes the wrong decision, and is kidnapped by the Russian Mafia? 
    Will they try and kill each other? Or bypass logic, and rest their lives in the fate of love?

If two predators fall for each other, who will be their prey? 

Read to find out! 

•scenes include strong sexual scenes, R-rated violence, R-rated language•

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I didn't read the last four words at first and thought wtf did he that for 😂
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Is she irish because my friend is irish and looks just like that
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She is a bad but.....way too cocky, now she got caught 😂😂😂