Everything I Didn't Say

Everything I Didn't Say

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the girl no-one sees By The_Chameleon Completed

"The most important things are the hardest to say."
              - Stephen King

Isla West lives a pretty normal life: average grades, cool friends and a future mapped out ahead of her that's she's been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl. But all of that is shattered when Jared Kennedy moves in next door.

Jared and Isla have a history, one she'd rather not remember. But that is impossible to do when he is giving her rides to and from school and showing up wherever she happens to be. Not to mention, he is unintentionally resurfacing past memories she'd wanted to forget about and bottle up.

Isla knows he's bad for her but there's something about him and she can't keep herself from falling - again.

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Ive only read a few sentences about Link and he’s already pissing me off
HotItalian HotItalian May 12
Clear foil? That's a thing? At least in America I've never seen it, we have either aluminum foil or some kind of plastic wrap. But, clear foil that's very interesting.
HotItalian HotItalian May 12
Jenna saying that she would have sex with her best friends brother isn't having a dirty mind or saying a dirty joke, I'm pretty sure she's just stating a fact that she would definitely sleep with him.
Vvampire13 Vvampire13 Jan 13
I feel like the last line ruins the mood of the chapter and how shocked she is
carol-martins carol-martins Dec 23, 2017
I really enjoyed your writing and I’m so curious to know how they both met and the story behind it
nolongerusethis nolongerusethis May 31, 2016
Isla is my favourite name! my mum was going to name me Isla or Ayla which i really wish she had! Instead I got stuck with Bronwyn