My abusive alpha mate

My abusive alpha mate

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Teddy_bear_sweets By KarahBoone Updated Jul 27, 2016

"Wake up you worthless were" 
Kyle yells in his alpha voice.

"Yes alpha Kyle what may I assist you with" same line as always.

"Make the pack dinner now" 

"Yes alpha". 

The only reason I was asleep till night time is because I got beat by him for five hours straight I nearly died.

I have a scars on my back ,sides ,stomach ,and on my wrists. I never cut myself the pack held me down and cut my wrists when I "threw soup on the alpha"

I didn't do it I tripped on Ashley's foot that just so happens to be there when I walk by.

As I quickly finish dinner I go to my "room" it's in the basement all I have is a yoga mat and a thin cloth that barely covers me up.

Tomorrow is my birthday I will find my mate and he will take me away I won't ever have to see the alpha or this pack again I can finally be happy.

And that is saying something considering my past. I won't get into it but I'll tell later I promise. 

As I drift off to a peaceful sleep I think. 

I can't wait to meet my mate.
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