Female Alpha

Female Alpha

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"What are you going to do when you find him?" Ryan asked. My fist clenched thinking about that traitor. I can't believe him. After all the stuff we've been through, he goes behind my back and does something stupid.

"I'm going to do the most reasonable thing. Kill him."

Taylor Sanders is the Alpha of the RedMoon pack. You might see her as fragile, shy, beautiful, well one of those are true. Can you guess? But really she is strong, vicious, and determined to protect her pack. What happens when she finds something she never thought she would find?

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holo-lizard holo-lizard 3 days ago
The start to every good book, starts with an annoying alarm clock. Lol 😂
I have a hair clip the size of my fist, and its the only thing that seems to keep it out of my face
sarithab sarithab Feb 22
Avoid taking a 20 min shower!!! then maybe u wud hv had time for breakfast😂😂
SheSpeaksLoud SheSpeaksLoud Apr 25, 2016
Then I posted on Facebook, got in my car, got breakfast at Perkins, had a spa day with the gals, then got out my phone to call someone else to deal with it
CardsAndCrowns CardsAndCrowns May 29, 2016
Is copying the copyright count as copying? I know it's a silly question, but I like to take extra precautions
Kiki_M Kiki_M Apr 13, 2016
Uh? I don't  know about you Taylor, but that kinda sounded like an emergency.